Coat of many colors

by WineGlassGirl on January 19, 2010

Send me a Coat my love!

There is a passion that lives within our souls for some of us…

for the most perfect pieces to compliment our wardrobe.

For several weeks now, I have been on the hunt for the perfect winter, dress coat.

My collection of coats, come from my passion for vintage wear.

My present collection of coats consist of a Navy Pea Coat that is extremely warm and comfortable.  A long wool black coat that has a  fur collar, a traditional blazer style leather jacket and my  most current piece, a down Browning jacket that is camouflage with pink lining.

I love all of my coats but I’m ready to part with any of them to get the coat I have been dreaming of.

My fingers started pecking away at the keys for my favorite websites

… but not fast enough…I lost out on the coats that caught my eye and made my heart melt.


So recently I have tweeting back and forth on with @theswellelife who has a sweet fashion website that caters to the fashionistas and cupcake lovers…she is a must save to favorites!

She is precious writer and is sweet as the cupcakes she finds for us… and I enjoy reading what she has to say next.

Awhile ago, I saw she had an article written about a coat!

Ha! what a coincidence…I just knew my garment angel led me to this article….and then to see the coat that she was talking about! This may have well been torture!

The Evening Coat to just to die for!

…this magnificent coat, is the most beautiful coat in the whole world…I just wanted to peel it off the computer screen and put it on, like I was a paper doll!

This coat is a creation of many vintage fabrics and created to look like a captains great coat. Designed by Christine Davis. First released I’m assuming by another one of my Twitter friends who writes for the Pairs Herald and has this awesome online vintage store…and you can see more pictures and information on her website…

Now, of course its way beyond what my budget could allow…but oh, it was nice dreaming for awhile…

Maybe I will get myself organized one day and and put all of my collections of fabrics…

and design my own captains coat…..

with little bit of velvet and vintage fabrics and tapestry and a whole lot of passion a gifted person could  make it happen!

I will keep on dreaming! and shopping for the perfect evening coat for myself.

Wine Glass Girl ~ 2010

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