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My Mama Says

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Regarding My Grandma, My role Model

My Mama Says….


Well… didnt take long before my mother, daughter of my grandma sent this to me regarding the facts…Looks like I need to research my family history a little more.

 Wow, well since this is my mama the story is about, I am not only overwhelmed,
but choked up in reading this beautiful memoir. Yes, she was a role model to
look up to. And all of Ethel’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and
nephews, besides her four children can verify this. I have only one correction
to make, and it is an interesting one. My mama was born and raised in a little
island off the coast of Louisiana, called Burrwood. Her family lived off of the
land, and rowed a boat to pick up groceries and supplies. She was educated in a
one room classroom all the way to the 12th grade. She was a Dancing Queen at 18
in a contest. She played baseball just like all the boys on the island, and
learned at an early age to appreciate reading. She could read a book a day. When
Ethel turned 19, her family moved to New Orleans and this is where she met
David, her  husband, who swept her off her feet. Thank you Kelley, I just had to add this part of her life into your story. You have been blessed to remember Grandma Miller.

Role Models…My Grandma

Monday, September 21st, 2009


When I was little girl….
My grandma used to call me…pretty girl
…for as long as I can remember…and it  made me feel so special.

For many summers I would go to visit my grandma in Marrero, La.
She was a baby sitter for many children and so for many summers….I was blessed with meeting so many new friends…

Each time I visited grandma, I would look forward to what kind of New Orleans Creole dish she would be cooking and which children she had coming over.

…As many years passed and I grew older I was always intrigued to see what kind of casserole grandma was cooking…..
The casserole continued to get more and more interesting….

Grandma is the only person I have ever known that can make “Stuffed Merliton”, yet alone the only person I know that cooks them!

My first memory of grandma serving them…Was kinda toward the way of  what the heck is that?
I had no idea what a merliton was…but I tell you what…once you tasted one you were in love with it…

Grandma’s version was stuffed with a shrimp or crabmeat dressing. Yum…

Actually, a mirliton is not in the dictionary…but it is also called a chayote. A mirliton is grown in Louisiana is also the same as chayote (everywhere else)

It’s a gourd that needs to be cooked… when cooked it’s sort of like cucumber but slightly more tender…. And great for stuffing it with rice dressing.
It is grown on a vine.
Here is a link to Emeril Lagasse’s recipe for Stuffed Mirliton.


Grandma was born in the year of 1919, when life was just so much more simple. When the woman of the home made the clothing. When cars and planes were just coming about in life.
She  grew up her whole life in New Orleans.
My grandma loved to take pictures…I can just see her taking out her disposable camera snapping away. I cant help but think…that back in the early 1900’s when the first portable camera came out if she found a way to get one!
Grandma never drove a car in her life and I wonder if her family even had one, considering cars were such a luxury items…back in the day.
I should know this family history but I don’t. (Guilty)
Although she didn’t drive, that sure did not keep her home, she traveled all over the United States in her life time.
She had such patience and strength and was a huge role model for me, my children and so many others in her life.

I remember visiting grandma and taking the ferry across the Mississippi river, and looking over the sides of the ferry guard rails and she would say don’t fall in, it will suck you up!
Grandma also took us on the trolley car to Canal Street  and having a fountain drink or Coke Float on a bar stool at Walgreens.

I remember it was her to have me experience what a city bus was…and I remember thinking how cool it was to stick coins in the ching ching thing when you got on the bus.

Phonographs were still available as a common entertainment device, so during my summer visits, me and my friends would play the old records she had on the phonograph she had in the garage.
The record I remember the most was “Knock three Times” I have no idea who sang it but I can still remember some of the words.

Grandma loved her garden and all her flower pots…She had the greenest thumb I have ever seen in someone. Her African Violets were always so bright and blooming.

 Over 20 years ago, Grandma went to visit one of her brother in California…(he was a tug boat captain/Uncle Buddy) When she returned she brought back a plant wrapped in a wet paper towel….
As I became a young woman and wanted my own plants she began to share the plant in the wet paper towels with me.

One of the plants she gave me was a shamrock plant…that plant has gone through so many hurricanes, storms, cold spells, dogs digging it up, dogs sleeping in the pot, the list can go on and on..
I still have it today…And…It is still beautiful and living in pots on my front patio!

Grandma had this magic about her…

Sports…Oh my gosh, this woman my grandma…was the biggest Saints fan ever…she also was a huge fan of Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, and I think her heart was broken when he convicted.

Random thought I was in Wal-Mart yesterday when I passed a very long line…and freaked out that was the line to check out in…
However it was the line to the pharmacy….I over heard two men chatting about the line and the senior citizen said…looks like the line at the Food Stamp Office.
My friend commented that the older we get the bolder the statement we make, because we don’t care…
It reminded me of my own grandma…never in my life do I remember her losing her temper, blurting out anything crazy…
Odd…because…unlike my grandma…I always say crazy things…always talking what on my tongue…but what’s on my heart the most…

That’s why when mama told me Saturday, the 19th 2009 was her 2 year anniversary of going away…
I wanted to share a few memories about her…I know in todays world there are many kinds of grandmas out there.
Many are raising our children these days.
Many are too busy in their own life or just don’t have the patience, like they used to.

I was blessed to grow up with 2 sets of grandparents still alive…Grandma Miller from New Orleans was the last one to go…
Her final years with us were incredible! My grandma and my Aunt Carol were rescued from a 3 story building in St. Bernard Manor in Chalmette, La after 3 days of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans.

Grandma and my Aunt Carol, climbed out of a window and into a boat off of the 3rd floor of her building.

She spent the night on the lawn of the Chalmette Prison, by the Mississippi River.
She rode in a Helicopter for the first time, to the New Orleans Airport…We lost her for a few more days…
Finally…a few days later we found grandma and Aunt Carol who were  picked up in Houston, where some friends of mine from long ago had stepped in to help find them at one of the many shelters.

Woman of strength, and love, never complained even as her last few moments on earth were painful.

I hope this helps you appreciate the women in your life. We all need to be a role model for our daughters or someone else’s daughter.
If your looking for answers in your life, I recommend you go to the eldest woman in your family, I bet she has the answer for you.

Many Blessings xoxo

Ahh! Romance Lives!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

This weekend I saw many romantic deeds done by a few good men. It reminded me of how sweet romance still exist.
My first thoughts when writing this story was this song we learned either at school or camp, about a  boy and girl in a little canoe…and I have always wished for guy to take me on a canoe just as the sun is setting….that is just such a sweet and romantic experience and something to steal a girls heart…

Then I remembered that sweet scene in Disney’s movie The Little Mermaid where Ariel and Eric were in the canoe and all the little fishes were singing..

Awe…how many of us have lost out on the true meaning of romance? Even as women we need to embrace the sweet jesters of modern day romance upon the loved ones in our life!
…my last tweet on Fridays’Twitter  said I’m in the mood for romance!

Well, I actually got it and saw it!
….after a conflict I had been battling with, I had the confrontation talk with the hunny and……well, the rest of the weekend was just so ahhhh blissful!

So, Important note to take “Communication is essential”!!!! Girls, we need to speak up, and guys listen up.

Odd enough as I’m writing this…a form of flirtation from my hunny comes my way with a newspaper going across the top of my head and then a warm kiss on the cheek….yeah, he calls that flirting…typical country boy!

Awe…so flirting is another good key to making a relationship work…have you put out the effort to even pass a wink at your loved one lately?

For a few weeks now me and one of girlfriends have been riding bikes, but she has been borrowing one of mine, because she doesn’t have one….

Well, just the other day…my friends husband surprised her with a new bike, wardrobe of clothes for her puppy and brought her favorite breakfast to her in bed!.…
Can you believe? She actually was upset
…because… she knew he couldn’t afford it and… also she didn’t get to pick it out! Ah! Some of us chic’s don’t see the picture sometimes!
Well, I did tell her she should appreciate the thought that he put into  it…
well, the sweet husband even returned that bike and got another one for her! That was romantic…and she now realizes how good and romantic the gifts were.

And then…
The other night, at dinner, me and a group of friends were about to leave when we stepped outside of the resturant to chat while the guys paid the bill.

While we were outside of the resturant a group of people gathered around us. A young man approached us saying “watch what’s about to happen”
He went on say that his friend was giving his girlfriend a bike for her birthday… but the bike she first gets, isn’t the real bike….
So, the girlfriend is blindfolded by her boyfriend and led to the parking lot where a 1980’s pink classic bike is waiting…she about falls to her knees. Laughing…asking “where did you get this” “did you steal if from a little girl?”
It was so funny….then around the corner comes another friend in on the prank with the REAL bike!
Ok, picture a beautiful tanned babe with a mini dress and gold high heels jumping on this bike with excitement…took off riding around the parking lot with joy!
Her boyfriend then jumps on the pink 1980’s bike and parades around her!
It looked like a Hallmark commercial!
That was romantic!
So….settle into your day with thoughts of how you can make your loved one feel special today…
Let’s not let romance ever die!
And last but not least….

Enjoy the lyrics to the below children’s song…

A Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe
Written By: Unknown
Copyright Unknown

Just a boy and a girl in a little canoe
With the moon shining all around
As he glides his paddle
You couldn’t even hear a sound

And they talked and they talked
Till the moon grew dim
He said you better kiss me
Or get out and swim

So what you gonna do in a little canoe
With the moon shinin’ all a–
Boats floatin all a–
Girls swimmin’ all a rou-ou-ound!


Friday, August 28th, 2009


Have you ever done a favor for someone and then wonder, gosh…was it worth it?
Well, I do favors for my friends and family all the time….especially, my husband…whom I seem to wait hand and foot on….ah. Yes I am his personal assistant…in almost every shape and form..

……Well…..I got a new puppy a few months ago…He’s a little mutt…but  so cute and adorable…well, he’s about the most laid back dog I’ve ever had…and believe me…I have had a lot of dogs in my time and still have one to many…
Anyways…My puppy has stolen the hearts of so many people and one of the ones who fell for “Bandits” heart was a farmer that my husband works with.
This guy offered my a hundred dollars! To take the puppy to his kids!!!…well, that was not going to happen…I love my puppy…He’s my best buddy…
So, I agreed to help the poor dad find a puppy similar to  mine to bring home to his children…
Well, as God planned it, the woman I received my Bandit from needed to find a home for the brother of Bandit. She had wanted to keep the puppy but she… like many of us just get so busy, so I convinced her I had the perfect home for him..
So, she agreed to let me take Bandits brother “Beau” and give it to our friend the farmer for his children.

….Well, in the middle of the morning, the other day, my husband stops me from working (yeah, we work together)…and asks me to go pick up the puppy for his friend…

So, being the sweet wife and good person I am, I drop everything and head out to go pick up the puppy…

The drive to pick up the new puppy was about 45 minutes long…So, I brought along my other two puppy’s to make the new puppy feel comfortable on the ride back…
Oh, how I made it home is beyond me! 3 dogs bopping back and forth all over my Tahoe….I actually swerved a few times because they kept jumping on me!
Well, just when the pups decide to settle down “Beau” the new puppy decides to rest on my lap….
Just when I thought he was asleep and I’m just about 5 minutes from my home…the pup sits up and pukes!!! All over my legs!
How I didn’t wreck…only confirms my belief that angels are always around me!
So, just as I’m driving into the drive way. With the puke all over my legs…thank goodness I had jeans on…My husband calls me….I proceed to tell him what happened to me before he gets a chance to even say hi…
so he hears my story and then laughs and says…I guess you cant turn around and go back to town for me and go to Lowes?!!!! UGH
UH…I don’t think so…well…I finally get home…have to use the hose to rinse myself off…and then peel my jeans off of me…and then clean up the puke on the seats of my car…awe yeah…I love doing favors…

So, I don’t know who got the credit but I guess I did my good dead for that day…You think…