Bossy Girl

How I managed to keep a smile on my face coming home from a stressful day

at work can only be a blessing from God.

At work today I found myself  stuck in a situation, that was intended to make

me beleive that I was “Bossy” towards some of my co-workers.

I was blown away!!!!!

….evidently my gift of being outspoken has been misunderstood in the work


After a group meeting between all parties to discuss the issues at hand and

many a tears that flowed from MY eyes…(did I mention Im a cry baby)

The situation was resolved….atleast I beleive so…I shall find out when I get

back to work later this week. I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut

more, I guess.

So…..I came  home to a very loving male who jumped all over me and

covered me with tons of wet kisses!

lol….did I mention he jumped in the car when I opened the door he jumped

on my lap…

If  he would have smelt a little better I would have carried him inside but

inside I made him jump down….

Bandit…my little mutt is truly a sight for sore eyes on a day like this!

Me and Bandit came inside and popped open a bottle of  red wine and began


My girl friend cam over to  discusss  her visit to the doctor again….. for a

problem she has been facing…..

She is been diagnosed with a condition that is called  Vulvodynia. Not a good

situation and she  is trying to have a baby…..

After we talked awhile she had to go and I was just  about finished with

dinner, when cowboy calls me and ask if  I would like to go ride with him in

the fields….

We haven’t been seeing much of each other lately….Farming season has


So, I packed  up a little  picnic basket and headed out in the dark….

Sitting on the side of my cowboy, with a wineglass in hand, Bandit under my

 feet, staring at the moon lit sky….

Made the  day events just wash away….

Make the  most out of  your day, think positive and keep  busy! and

 Remember everything is better with a little bit of wine!

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