Bossy Girl

May 24th, 2011

How I managed to keep a smile on my face coming home from a stressful day

at work can only be a blessing from God.

At work today I found myself  stuck in a situation, that was intended to make

me beleive that I was “Bossy” towards some of my co-workers.

I was blown away!!!!!

….evidently my gift of being outspoken has been misunderstood in the work


After a group meeting between all parties to discuss the issues at hand and

many a tears that flowed from MY eyes…(did I mention Im a cry baby)

The situation was resolved….atleast I beleive so…I shall find out when I get

back to work later this week. I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut

more, I guess.

So…..I came  home to a very loving male who jumped all over me and

covered me with tons of wet kisses!

lol….did I mention he jumped in the car when I opened the door he jumped

on my lap…

If  he would have smelt a little better I would have carried him inside but

inside I made him jump down….

Bandit…my little mutt is truly a sight for sore eyes on a day like this!

Me and Bandit came inside and popped open a bottle of  red wine and began


My girl friend cam over to  discusss  her visit to the doctor again….. for a

problem she has been facing…..

She is been diagnosed with a condition that is called  Vulvodynia. Not a good

situation and she  is trying to have a baby…..

After we talked awhile she had to go and I was just  about finished with

dinner, when cowboy calls me and ask if  I would like to go ride with him in

the fields….

We haven’t been seeing much of each other lately….Farming season has


So, I packed  up a little  picnic basket and headed out in the dark….

Sitting on the side of my cowboy, with a wineglass in hand, Bandit under my

 feet, staring at the moon lit sky….

Made the  day events just wash away….

Make the  most out of  your day, think positive and keep  busy! and

 Remember everything is better with a little bit of wine!

Winey Day

October 7th, 2010

I’m driving down the road, listening to the radio, Lee Greenwood is surrounding my mood with his warm voice singing his song….. God bless the USA.

…………….I glance down beside me and realize that I’ve brought my wine glass with me…

……………for this little ride to the lil country market down the gravel road

…..I started to feel guilty about accidentally bringing the glass…. when suddenly I was overcome with this grin….

……..I realized at that moment, staring down at the red wine in the glass…. how wine is such a

…………………good friend to me….even if its 105 degrees outside….and Im sure its close to it…its

…………….still so good to me…..

…….when Im all by myself…. wine will just help me escape the grief of the work day and just settle me down…

……………….Red Red Wine is good for all the souls that need a winding down…..just a few sips,

the warm red liquid feels so warm  in your chest….

…and you realize that you are bout to take some deep breaths….

……..and turn up some  good  beautiful music….and just turn around an go back home…..

……………mmmm mmmm  red red wine just let it ease on down and may it rest your weary soul…..

hugs and kisses

wineglassgirl xo

BB12 Saboteur

July 12th, 2010

Big Brother 12

Hey Ya’ll, here is my take on the show Im so addicted to.

…..I do not intend to be a blogging queen for Big Brother 12, however I may post from time to time my crazy thoughts about the show….

So….my first thoughts about Sundays nights show…and this Saboteur Game they are now playing.

…First I hear Lebron James announce on ESPN that he is the Saboteur for BB12..

…………………I actually never even heard of that word until Julie announced it on the opening


………………I wondered…if the house guest really knew what that word meant?!


……Uh….Kathy, confuses me…if she is really in the police force, why did it look like she

suffered the most phycially in the caramel…she made it obvious that she wasnt even trying…

…That sure don’t look like someone who has any physical training to me…

….Then she played the blame game on Britney…who yes was weak in the game but atleast

attempted to move through the thick caramel.

…It appeared that Kathy was trying to place the fault on Britney….

…and then Britney doesn’t face up to Kathy….. but yet  doesn’t hesitate to run behind her

back ….and suggest that Kathy be put up for eviction..sneaky lil ninja (Britney)

I find it very odd that they both have the same southern twang and they both wear Arkansas Razorback clothing…I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some sort of connection.???

Ok, one other character that catches my attention, because he acts so goofy…and he made

himself look like he is the Saboteur…during the lights out thing…..

….Is Andrew…why in the hec is he even on the show…A Podiatrist interest in Big Brother seems odd to me…

……So at this point Kathy has openly admitted that she is not in this game to win the money but to prove that she can do it…

Kathy BB12

…and Andrew looks suspiciously sneaky and I just don’t think he wants to be there, since he is a physician and all, what is really his motivation…

Now one more thing..saying the word motivation..made me think of Enzo…that guy is a

Wild Cat! He’s formed alliances, made them all nick names and seems to taken this Bull by the horns…

We shall see what this week brings…

Meanwhile my addiction to Big Brother is carried in the background noise in my office with the Live Feeds 24/7 and a few bottles of wine stached for those special moments…

love & peace


Louisiana Summer BP Madness

June 15th, 2010

Some of the best memory’s I have of my childhood are of  me and my brothers  growing up, in a small trailer park in Louisiana.

We may have not had much money, but we had so much love and happiness.

We played outside all the time….riding our bikes…playing hide and seek….playing red rover, red light – green light….and in the summer we wanted to play with the water hose.!!!!

There is something special that happens when children get to play in water outside….even as adults, there is something magically fun that happens when we get to relax in water outside..

I remember one year when it was so hot outside and me and my brothers were splashing around in our little blue plastic pool…ya’ll must know what Im talking about?

…where I live now, they use those little blue pools to feed the animals in the pasture!

Anyways…as we played and were so content, my father decided to play superman and fly into our little blue pool of water! and what a splash he made!

…My parents took us everywhere with them…at least that what I remember…and so I have many memory’s of seafood boils we would attend.

….Back before I could appreciate the delicacy of oysters….there were many dinners I missed of oyster dressing, and oyster gumbos…when I think of oysters…. I think of my mama and grandma!

So…I tell you a  few personal things because…something sad has happened and the children in Louisiana will not have these memory’s this summer.

Looking back at the last 50 Something days….since the horrible BP Explosion I’d like to ask you to pause and reflect at the first victims of the accident….

…..For the Eleven men that died that day

…for their children, wives, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, sisters brothers, any all family and friends.

…..For the Shrimpers, The Fishermen, The deckhands, The Bait Stands, any and all who’s livelihood depended on these waters to bless their families.

….For the environment…. any and all creatures….. land and water

…..Those are just a few things….

…Our State Bird is the Brown Pelican, will it now be on an endangered species list…
This is a what a Brown Pelican is supposed to look like….

and this is what they look like now.

So….School is out for summer and the children are ready for some summer fun…

In a world where we want our kids to be more active and stay away from television and video games…Well…some parents wont be able to tell their children to go play outside.

Thank you everyone who jumped aboard and really showed us that you care for our children and our futures.

Last week…I attempted to organise a benefit for the families affected by the BP Crisis

….I tried to contact a list of local musicians as well as left a message at Mr. Billy Nungesser office.

Evangleine Downs RaceTrack and Casino was generous in offering us their event room! So..Im just waiting for someone to call me back…..

Im just a small town girl living in a fantasy world, praying that somehow, somewhere all my prayers and thoughts and actions might actually do someone some good.

….Final note…..Appreciate what you have in life….everything is a gift….you may not have it tomorrow…so live for today….if you feel something in your heart tugging at you….that is God, telling you….Just do it! If you think you can make a difference….Im telling you that you can!

Peace & Love



My Secret…Bikini Diet

June 15th, 2010

Do I dare??? even say that word…Diet!!!

But if I want to wear one of these! I must, I must look at my diet!!

Shhh….dont repeat it…..the word that many fear…

its the word that offends so many….

…its the word that make us suck in our bellys and sink down in their chairs and hide that bag of chips!

Now seriously…this is confession time.

Last year alone, I tried all kinds of different ways to drop weight….

…I tried the Slimfast shake drink, which I do like occasionally.

….I tried the 3 day Diet, which I still encourage many to try!

…..I bought the Flat Belly Diet book and tried that….

…..Went to the Doctors and took prescription strength weight loss suppressants

….All of those diets do work while you are faithful to them but as soon as you eat something else, the weight just comes back on….


…..I was desperate to find a way to look good again!

and then a new year came…..
A new year and a new resolution!

And honestly….its been the best resolution I have ever had….

What works best is the old fashion normal way to be healthy…Simply just exercise and eat right!


1st I joined a Fitness Club and committed to working out 5 days a week….

and along with that commitment, I also made a pact with my self to have confidence in how I dressed again….I was ready to look like a fashionista again and put away the cowgirl boots and blue jeans.

So…here I am 6 months later….and I feel so much better.

I feel so fabulous!

I addicted to exercising and when I cant seem to find the time, I make it happen where ever I am….Ive treated my self to a new outfit each month, to reward myself.

Besides the 5 day a week exercise routine Ive changed a few things about how I eat…smaller portions are a must…no packaged foods…I cook as fresh as possible and eat dinner as early as I can…
Of course the one thing I was told I should do but didn’t is give up my red wine!
But I think my readers already knew that one. Ha ha!

So….I found this cool website that has discount prices on brand named fashions…

I measured my body size and then picked out the bikinis I wanted and was finally able to wear one of them for the first time…confidently! Last weekend!

So if your looking to lose weight, have more energy, gain more strength, get rid of that

chunky cottage crap on your buttocks…the only way your gonna make it happen is to get up

and move!

Start out small and work your exercise time up each day…minute by minute…You will feel so much happier. Good Luck
Feel free to post comments or ask questions!
Have wonderful wine day! xxoo


April 22nd, 2010

Hi Everyone! Im ready to show you some cool fashion finds…

So…for all of us Fashionistas….that love jewelry!

….the newest trends in jewelry have hit me in the hardest
FASHION OBSESSION!…..since ummm TriGold Jewelry!

My history with bracelets goes way back to when I was just a few days old.

…I was given a gold bangle bracelet, to put upon my tiny wrist.

…And well….That must have started my passion for bracelets.

…Since then, I don’t believe the styles have ever really gone out of fashion

because….I still have bangles, as well as charm bracelets and elegant pearl

bracelets, that I have had for years.

…Well a few months ago I came across this beautiful designer of “Cuff bracelets”

A big fashion trend in jewelry for the last few years.

It appears if it is only getting bigger and bigger in popularity.

Miss Lucy and her talent and artistry in creating ARM CANDY Jewelry can be

found in her Etsy store.

Caroline Grace Jewelry is uniquely designed and no two items are alike.

…..They also offer very custom made jewelry upon your request.

For me….It was my love for The New Orleans Saints that had me

asking for a black and gold cuff.

….To my delight…when my package arrived, I felt like it was my birthday!

Preciously wrapped in a little white box, wrapped in pink and green tissue paper!

Not many pieces of jewelry affected me the way that this piece did.

…..I actually had tears in my eyes….it was so perfect! I love it and cant wait to

….request another one!

….Besides the “Cuff” jewelry Lucy also creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings

and some home decor as well…..

The unique pieces come across as antique precious pieces from Great Grandmothers jewelry drawer….with a modern day touch for the woman of 2010!

…If you follow her on Facebook and Twitter you are eligible for discounts and giveaways!

So…get ready to find your own unique Cuff or jewelry piece at

Caroline Grace Jewelry

ShopAholic Dandy!

April 20th, 2010

Well Spring is trying to get here, slowly but surely!

So….If you can’t shovel the snow, or sweep the rain mess off of your porch steps, then I know you don’t want to get your pretty toes damp again.

So….Hop on over to this sweet online store to find your Spring and Summer fashions?

As my happy little fingers were pecking away today I found this!

So….What a delight it was for me to find this very delightful online shop.

Shopaholic girl is in south Alabama and she loves her Lilly Pulitzer and other fabulous designers.

She has a keen eye for designer finds, cosmetic, skincare and great sales!

She has ongoing contest with with beautiful gifts as prizes!

Now who doesn’t like winning something!?

Last minute entries have until midnite tonight to have a chance at these lovely gifts… but look for her other contest she currently has going on!

The first choice is this Murfee Scarf in Lilly’s Pink This Blooms For You:

The second choice is this Bon Voyage Bag in Climbing The Ladder, filled with Lifeguard Press items such as a journal, coasters and pocket Lilly pad.

So go fill your wine glass up and then sit on back down and fly on over to Miss Bama’s blogspot and enter today! And while your visiting you can do a little shopping!

Have fun!

Copy and Paste site…

Build Your Business!

January 19th, 2010

Im your right arm on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace. I can grow your fan base, following, maintain your website. Im great at graphic art for Twitter page or website.
I can make calls, do any internet work.

Let me help you with all your online needs. Whether its to build your business or make a pretty background for your Twitter page…

Bands, Models, Actors, Stores etc. Anyone that needs help getting followers, posting links to your blogs, your business of any kind. I am available 24/7 & I’ll do anything.

(I have 15 years experience working with the public)

Let me help you!! E-mail me your details & lets get started!
Thank you for coming this far
X Lane

She made this for Wine Glass Girl
This was completed for Model Actress TJ Robinson~

Coat of many colors

January 19th, 2010

Send me a Coat my love!

There is a passion that lives within our souls for some of us…

for the most perfect pieces to compliment our wardrobe.

For several weeks now, I have been on the hunt for the perfect winter, dress coat.

My collection of coats, come from my passion for vintage wear.

My present collection of coats consist of a Navy Pea Coat that is extremely warm and comfortable.  A long wool black coat that has a  fur collar, a traditional blazer style leather jacket and my  most current piece, a down Browning jacket that is camouflage with pink lining.

I love all of my coats but I’m ready to part with any of them to get the coat I have been dreaming of.

My fingers started pecking away at the keys for my favorite websites

… but not fast enough…I lost out on the coats that caught my eye and made my heart melt.


So recently I have tweeting back and forth on with @theswellelife who has a sweet fashion website that caters to the fashionistas and cupcake lovers…she is a must save to favorites!

She is precious writer and is sweet as the cupcakes she finds for us… and I enjoy reading what she has to say next.

Awhile ago, I saw she had an article written about a coat!

Ha! what a coincidence…I just knew my garment angel led me to this article….and then to see the coat that she was talking about! This may have well been torture!

The Evening Coat to just to die for!

…this magnificent coat, is the most beautiful coat in the whole world…I just wanted to peel it off the computer screen and put it on, like I was a paper doll!

This coat is a creation of many vintage fabrics and created to look like a captains great coat. Designed by Christine Davis. First released I’m assuming by another one of my Twitter friends who writes for the Pairs Herald and has this awesome online vintage store…and you can see more pictures and information on her website…

Now, of course its way beyond what my budget could allow…but oh, it was nice dreaming for awhile…

Maybe I will get myself organized one day and and put all of my collections of fabrics…

and design my own captains coat…..

with little bit of velvet and vintage fabrics and tapestry and a whole lot of passion a gifted person could  make it happen!

I will keep on dreaming! and shopping for the perfect evening coat for myself.

Wine Glass Girl ~ 2010

Im Addicted

December 30th, 2009

Social Networking~ Are you Addicted?

Everyone seems to be doing it.

You are doing it…because yes…you have got caught up in it…

Whether you are working in an office…

….waiting tables at a busy restaurant…

or at a stop light somewhere in your city!

You are updating your status or checking on someone else’s status!

You are either doing it for fun or are doing it to make some money!

Social Networking is not just for the computer geeks and  nerds.

…Nope, it is for all of us!

We are of all ages…even my mother is now on Face Book!

So, from teenagers to Senior Citizens, we can be found updating somewhere at sometime…

On the throne, on the couch, in the car, in the elevator, in the grocery store, in church, while we run, bike, camp…oh yes, we update everywhere.!

Even celebrities, update on the red carpet, while they are in the studio, while they are eating dinner…

There is even this guy who sits with his grandfather and Tweets S##T, his grandfather says!


Year’s ago My Space was the biggest trend for our teenagers and then it seemed all ages seemed to be utilizing the website for connecting with others, advertising or blogging.

Interesting fact…..Blogging…hum? Seems that shouldn’t come up in red  or in my spell check, considering how popular the word is today…

Maybe it will be a new word for 2010.

So, when I finally decided to get a MySpace, I was informed by my teenager that I was too old!…to have a Myspace and that it was embarrassing for her!

Nevertheless, I did create a profile….

The next social networking sight I found was

Which I soon discovered was a “lets see how many people I can flirt with or hook up with! The content there did not appeal to me.

Then, last year sometime a friend of mine told me to find her on FaceBook.

I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about, but my curiosity got the best of me and I logged on to create a profile.

…I soon became addicted

…and then last Spring my daughter told me about Twitter.

Well, that was 800 followers ago! And  before Wine Glass Girl was created!

Interesting Fact ~A professional blogger found me on Twitter and noticed that I had a knack with words and well…..

….this is the rest of the story.

Social Networking has changed my life in so many ways.

I have been reunited with friends that I have met over the years of my life.

…And the friendships I have made with via Twitter and Facebook are some of the most special people, I have ever met.

Well…I haven’t really met them…but I can see their heart in their words and there a few extra special friends…that I have been blessed to hear the warmth and passion in their voices.

So I’ am thankful for social networking for giving me this chance to share with others.

The addiction is controllable for now but I do foresee in the future a possible stay in Rehab for TwitterHolics and FaceBook addicts’.

I apologize to my family if I am addicted. Countless hours updating and checking out profiles, uploading pictures, is this a trend, I hope not.

In the meantime…In the Entertainment world….

I hear there is a movie being made about social networking and I also found this talented artist that has given us a song about our social networking addictions! So click on Kelley James name and check out his music, Im sure he will become a huge hit with this song!

Happy New Years Everyone!

Make sure update your status before you drink too much!


Wine Glass Girl

You can follow Kelley James

Kelley James \”The Book\”

Artwork by KJTeam